Computer Weekly: restoring data from backups

In this piece, we will look at a key step in the business continuity, DR and backup and recovery process: can you restore data from your backups?

Too often, enterprises invest heavily in backup and recovery, but fail to test that their systems actually work.

The piece will cover:

  • The key elements of reliable restores from backup
  • Auditing backup processes
  • The 3-2-1 backup rule
  • How do you test the integrity of a backup?
  • The importance of testing backups and restoration
  • What are the objectives of backup testing?
  • How often should you test restores from backups?

I am looking for analyst comments and best practice guidance. Best practice can come from anywhere in the industry, but I am unable to quote vendors directly.

To contribute to the piece, please contact me by email no later than 1700hrs GMT on Friday March 1st.