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Security journalism

The Daily Swig:

Unpatched WordPress:

India’s Personal Data Privacy Bill:

Cyber Resilience at the Port of Los Angeles:

Cyber as 5th dimension of warfare:

China’s data privacy law and national security:

Software supply chain attacks:

OSINT: What is it, and how is it used?

Becoming a CIO:

Interview: Github’s Nico Waisman

Interview: Shodan founder John Matherly:


When Cyberattacks Pack a Physical Punch

Drones are Quickly Becoming a Cybersecurity Nightmare

Newsmaker Interview: Bruce Schneier on Physical Cyber Threats

Infosecurity Magazine:

Infosecurity Europe 2022

The first 9 stories here are my reporting from the 2022 Infosec show.

Online Summit EMEA (webinar) Security at the Speed of Business: Keep Up or Get Left Behind

APIs: Risks, Potential and Security Solutions

IT journalism: Computer Weekly

Top compliance concerns for business

High performance object storage

AI storage: Machine learning, deep learning and storage needs

A cloud compliance checklist for the GDPR age

Storage 101: Structured data and its storage needs

Video Production:

Video case study, Universal Robots

Interview/author story: Phoebe Smith, adventurer (for Calm, Inc)