Online events and training

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The current travel restrictions are limiting the scope for live events and training courses.

The good news is both can work well online. There are advantages too, including lower travel costs and more flexible timing.

Online events

Stephen has over 10 years’ experience hosting webcasts, webinars and online events. His clients include publishers Reed Elsevier, RBI and Dennis as well as professional institutes, analysts, technology companies and PR firms.

As a host and moderator, he works with clients to find the best speakers for the event, and to make the most of the topic.

As an event producer he ensures the technology, including audio and video, is suited to the task and that participants are coached in using it.

Remote and online training 

Online training can complement face to face courses and sometimes, replace it.

Stephen offers media training and interview training online, on a 1:1 basis, and for small groups.

Sessions can focus on dealing with the media, media interviews practice, or on delivering talks and presentations for online events.

He also offers online messaging sessions, usually as workshops.

For communications professionals who want to bolster their own content creation skills, Stephen offers bespoke training in video making techniques using smart phones or mirrorless cameras, audio recording and podcast production.

Image by Benjamin Hartwich from Pixabay