Speaking opportunity: Security Culture TV

I am looking for guests to appear on a new series of Security Culture TV.

The show welcomes guests from both the IT and cyber security industries, as well as experts in related fields, such as physical security and data privacy. In fact, security convergence is one of our themes for the shows.

The first episodes will be filmed at a studio near London on September 25th and 26th. If you are interested in taking part, contact me via email with some background info and some ideas you would like to talk about on the show.

Please note that guests will need to appear in the studio in person, there is no option to dial in for the next series.

More information about SCTV below:

About Security Culture TV 

Security Culture TV is a regular video show and podcast hosted by industry expert, author and keynote speaker Kai Roer.

In the show, Kai asks guests from around the world to share their perspectives, ideas and experiences on building and maintaining security culture. Kai welcomes CISOs, practitioners and experts on security, to discuss topics including how to engage employees in security, best and worst practices, measuring security culture, and much more.

With his experience, deep knowledge and evidence-based approach, Kai explores and challenges the industry status quo. 

The show’s producer is security journalist and broadcaster, Stephen Pritchard.

About Kai Roer

Over the past 25 years, Kai has become the global go-to-guy on security culture. In 2012 he created the Security Culture Framework, which was adopted by ENISA as their Cybersecurity Culture framework. In 2015, Kai created the innovative company CLTRe (culture), where he researched and built a measurement instrument for security culture. In 2019, CLTRe was acquired by KnowBe4, the global leader in phishing assessment and security awareness trainings. Kai is currently focusing on his security culture research, and on sharing his knowledge around the world.