Computer Weekly: December 2023 features

I am working on the following pieces for early December and looking for expert input.

Please note the deadline for pitches is 1700hrs, Weds 22 November with any interviews needing to be completed by 27th November for both articles.

Data analytics: Data in defence

This is a UK focused feature looking at how defence is making use of data and advanced analytics. How are the services, the MOD, and the defence industry making use of the vast amounts of data they hold? How is data being used to support operations, but also in the supply chain, the “business of defence”, and in evolving areas such as synthetic training?

Militaries are regarded highly effective when it comes to intelligence and operational data, but can data and analytics be used not just tactically and operationally, but to improve readiness, bolster training and recruitment, and to make the defence budget stretch further?

Storage: On premises vs cloud storage

What are the key considerations when it comes to locating data on premises? Are enterprises opting for pure play or hybrid solutions?

This piece will look at the questions CIOs should ask before deciding where data should live, including:

  • data lifecycles
  • security and resilience
  • cost
  • application and workload performance requirements
  • how to optimise the mix across on-premises, cloud and hybrid architectures

Please email your submissions in the first instance. I will be looking to complete interviews within a week of the submission deadlines.