Upcoming articles for Computer Weekly: storage

For Computer Weekly I am writing two further articles on storage technology. One on and one on Flash storage and RAID, the other on hyper-converged use cases.

Flash storage and RAID

For this article, we will look at how RAID technology works with Flash storage. Why does RAID still matter with Flash, and how will it operate with new storage technologies that could eventually replace Flash?

We will include:

  • Which RAID level is best for flash performance?
  • What benefits and drawbacks are there with parity based RAID in flash?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of mirrored RAID levels with flash storage?
  • What proprietary or branded RAID levels do the main vendors of flash storage offer? How do these translate into the commonly understood RAID levels?
  • What will supersede RAID as a means of drive/array data protection? For example erasure coding?

The deadline for submission of material is 1700, Wednesday 18th November. I can quote analysts and consultants; although I can’t quote vendors I welcome white papers or technical papers and case studies, as well as relevant product information.

Hyper-converged storage use cases

This article will look at five current use cases for hyper-converged storage.

The article will look at how hyper converged infrastructure works and where storage sits within that.

I am open to suggestions for the key use cases but the feature is likely to include:

  • Virtual machines and virtual desktops
  • Backup and recovery using HCI
  • High-performance, data rich applications such as AI and advanced analytics
  • Containers
  • Possible use of HCI by smaller businesses.

The deadline for submission of material is 1700, Monday 23rd November. The same quotation rules apply.

Upcoming article: OSINT (open source intelligence)

I am currently researching an in-depth article looking at the role of OSINT in information security.

The piece will look at how OSINT fits into other forms of intelligence security teams can use to monitor, track, and counter threats.

We’ll look at the various types of open source data, and how they are used. The piece will then drill down into common OSINT tools, from vendors and individual researchers.

And it will examine how they fit in with the other tools and techniques pen testers, white hats and security response teams have to counter threats.

I am keen to hear from pen testers and CISOs, but also other experts who know the space, especially if they have direct, hands-on experience of recon and intel tools in the enterprise or public sector. I can, however, include vendor comment.

Suggestions for leads, by email in the first instance, no later than 1700hrs Friday 6th November (the piece will be written the following week).